Victor Jaenada - biography

Galeria Balaguer is pleased to present you for the first time in Barcelona an individual exhibition of Víctor Jaenada (Barcelona, 1977).

From a long time, social concerns and contact with the current situation have determined Víctor Jaenada’s work, and these preoccupations can be treated from different perspectives. We will see pieces with a banal and frivolous appearance, from the popular culture, and others who are made from the most intense and momentous human being, so these last pieces contains hair, nails, blood and other elements related with the physique idea of life-death.

The radical, chaotic and “unconcerned” Víctor Jaenada’s universe wants to disorientate us, and later it submerges us on a dynamic, shaking and intentional atmosphere that hides a depraved and solid structure.